What is digital experience?

A digital experience (DX) is a user’s interaction with a digital touchpoint — whether it’s purchasing an item online, receiving updates from a mobile app, or power using a business platform. A digital touchpoint may be a mobile application, a website, a smart TV, a check-in kiosk, a point-of-sale terminal, and so on.

The experiences users have with your digital touchpoints create a lasting impression. In an increasingly online world, these digital experiences are often the most important interaction users have with your brand.

Organizations are constantly being measured against the best available digital experiences — coming from Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other industry leaders. These heightened expectations are applied across every industry, whether in government, banking, insurance, e-commerce, travel, hospitality, and so on. Even if a web application has minimal competition, users expect digital experiences to be seamless and responsive.



Responsive Website Design and Development

Because it is rightly said ‘The first impression is the last impression, sometimes you never get a second chance’ especially when it comes to the user experience. At NOX, we collaborate with you to create and develop a branded responsive website or digital application that delivers the best possible experience for your users.