One thing we love to do here at NOX Creative, once we complete a logo or brand identity for a client, is to apply the logo to various merchandise and applications like stickers and other adhesives. We really enjoy seeing how the logo can be branded as a sticker and then seeing how that sticker can come to life on laptops, kayaks, cars, and the office beer fridge.

Since we were kids, there has been an obsession with collecting stickers. It starts in kindergarten when the teacher would award you with those little shiny star stickers for good behavior or for doing something exceptional in school. This obsession with stickers runs deep within us all, especially with creative folks who work and play in the design industry and are constantly looking for inspiration and following design trends for inspiring logos, illustrations, icons and everything in between.

As designers, we tend to focus on how a logo will work on a sticker as part of our design process. We really enjoy handing over a new shiny brand identity package to a client and then surprising them with a little box of logo stickers so they can see how the logo can live in real life and making the logo seem a bit more tangible which always adds a smile to the client’s face.

At NOX we really enjoy incorporating how we can include stickers as an additional marketing tool for promoting a brand, product, or service. For example, we love getting our favorite products in the mail or in-store and when you open up the box, you find a few goodies inside along with the product. This simple and affordable method provides a little “Getting more than you bargained for” kinda feeling to the customer

So, if you are looking to create a brand or have a brand and would like to add some kick-ass stickers to your arsenal, and want a quality product, head over to our friends at Sticker Mule for a variety of shapes, sizes, and sticker types. Let’s “stick” some brands out into the world by slapping them on our laptops, thermos, beer fridges, kayaks, and if the sticker is worthy enough, maybe even on the back of the ole daily commuter.

We recently experienced this “Getting what you bargained for” feeling with our latest order of laptop stickers when we opened the box to find a nice little jewel included on top.

RIP Kobe!